What do we do?

Moving your residence, office, warehouse or retail base or adding another unit to your existing facility will never be the headache it used to be. We will make your location transition smooth and hassle-free. Rejoice your relocation or expansion journey with RentXprt.com.


We are sure that the only experience you will cherish after your relocation or expansion would be the one you had with us.

Leasing Services :

We offer Leasing services along with end-to-end support for Residential, Industrial and Commercial spaces.Our experts will not only give you ‘a great value for money’ but will also guide you through the whole process until the end.

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Retail Leasing : Retail space is all about strategy. We help you ensure that the real estate, operations and branding work in sync to create a business which is built to deliver a sustainable and unique customer experience.

Office Leasing : FromStartups to big Corporations, the biggest worry that follows growth is the need to accommodate the growing office premise need. We believe that a happy staff leads to a happy bottom-line. Hence, we ensure that we shortlist only those sites which will make your staff a happy lot and you happier.

Warehouse / Industrial leasing : Will the new place be easily accessible to the supply vans? Will we get the necessary power supply to operate the heavy-duty machinery? Our specially crafted site selection process ensures that you don’t have to face any such worries.

Residential Leasing : A happy family is your support system to success. If they are happy, you end up happier. We understand your requirements, select properties which suit them and present only such solutions which will make you happy.

Consulting Services :

Having a pool of right properties is just one part of the entire solution. The other part is converting this into a usable and strategic tool. Having a piece of real estate without any clear architectural, project planning or legal aspect is like fighting with a blunt sword. With our pool of well qualified team we are in a position to offer you a practical and usable solutions so that you don’t need to lose your sleep over any unsolved aspect. We provide you with a range of services:

Architectural Services : The architecture of a place talks a lot about the personality of its occupants. Be it your warehouse, your office, your retail store or your residence, we help you to get your premise to talk. Our architecture team has worked with 150+ clients over the past decade to create designs that inspire the occupants of the premise to not just live but live the life to its fullest. Our experts strive to understand your taste, preference, personality and needs to develop solutions that are fulfill all your needs.

Project Planning & Implementation Services : While the architectural team is working on the design aspects, our Project Planning & implementation team works in the background on the timelines, requirements and other necessary things thereby ensuring that the project moves as planned, within the sanctioned budget and fixed timelines. They strive to provide you with the best outcome by pooling in and implementing their extensive knowledge in the field of engineering, construction and architecture.

Legal & Statutory Services : Coordinating with the local authorities and ensuring that the necessary legal permissions are in place depending on the type of project can be a daunting task and may even threaten the viability of any project. Our legal team, with its exhaustive experience and knowledge of the market helps you clear these challenges.

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Strategic Alliances :

We believing in walking that one extra mile to know you better. This helps us to source the right real estate solutions matching your requirements. We provide customized real estate solutions that go beyond your business objectives.

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Tenant Representation Services : Whether you need single or multiple transaction across geographies, our tenant representation services will take care of all transactions market information, negotiations and legal aspects by providing highly sophisticated real estate solutions.Our experts deliver pioneering solutions backed by strong knowledge and market analysis in all areas ranging from options for relocation to expansion to sale/purchase or leasing.

Strategic Group Mapping & Competitor Analysis : Planning to open a new branch of your retail store/Office/Warehouse? Worried about the catchment potential and profile? Do not worry, we help you gather all information beforehand so that you don’t walk in blindfolded.

Valuation Services : Our Real Estate Valuation services provide comprehensive analysis of all comparable transactions and offerings in order to fully understand the range of prices achievable in the current marketplace.Our valuation process is based on robust technical knowledge, in depth expertise and precise calculations to ensure accurate valuation